PSYCH004 Ensorcelor/Moloch - Split LP (2013)

moloch / ensorclor
600 copies on black vinyl,  natural brown printed sleeves, letterpressed inserts, and black inner sleeves.
Canadian blackened doom quintet Ensorcelor have teamed up with UK punk infused sludge act Moloch to create what could possibly be described as the greatest fucking thing to ever be created in the history of things that have ever been fucking created. 
Ensorcelor comes out first with a creeping display of sundering lows that are veritably torn apart by harsh vocal onsets and haunting melodies that carry an uneasy feeling throughout the entirety of their 20 minute offering. Trapping a landscape that differs its way from a blackened pool of infinitesimal hate into a realm of endless sadness and confusion. Allowing for a more emotionally rapturing soundscape to pour into the empty spaces of silence that surround and convey while still retaining the reflecting overtone of utter and complete irrelevance. The track bores its way into your subconscious and delves into what would remain after all sorrow has subsided, a full on confrontation between body, mind, and soul. The song fades into a harmonious departure that does not end but simply stops, leaving no room for your senses to return before the next track begins.
Moloch pick up the pieces of your shattered psyche and proceed to drudge it further into a treacherous malice filled assault that is drenched in filthy, slow moving sludge. Ascertaining a clear departure from the pseudo-logical pretenses of their counterpart, Moloch come on strong, vibrant, and set to destroy. Littered with subversive melodies that are met full force with abrasive vocals hidden amongst venomous shifts that lull into a false sense of security. The track is met with a brief moment of clarity that ushers in an instrumental harmony before shifting into its final form. The closing minutes of this track begin a downward spiral toward an inevitable oblivionesque portrayal, scathing the ugly nature of the band at its very finest and most crushing. Abrasive squealing riffs accompany its departure for an abrupt and satisfying end.

-Review from cvlt nation

co-released with Feast of tentacles and Graanrepubliek

£9 + shipping.
get it.

PSYCH003 Bell Witch - Demo LP (2012)

Bell Witch Demo
500 copies on black 150g vinyl, 300g sleeves, black inner sleeves and printed inserts.

"Like smoking blunts with Edgar Allan Poe."

I think that pretty much sums it up, but I'll also tell you that these guys are a two piece doom outfit from Seattle. The demo comprises four tracks; building slowly from haunting intro to equally crawling, doomed incantation. Riffs. God I can't believe I just said 'riffs'. But totally, man, the RIFFS. And the vocals, at times rising chant-like, moving from high keening cry to a shriek at a pace so glacial it's hard to even notice.

No, no it's not even so simple - slow, creeping, at times beautiful, funeral doom.
Ritualistic? yea sure, chances are you'll end up killed. or pregnant.

the point is: let it fucking haunt you. on vinyl. specifically.

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PSYCH002 Highgate - s/t LP (2012)

so pleased to announce the arrival of highgate s/t LP. limited to 300 hand numbered copies on black vinyl. this untitled track was first recorded in 2007 and released on CD - the vinyl version is well worth the wait.

a harrowing trek through 54 minutes of blackened doom. this kentucky trio lulls you into a seriously disturbing sleep with heavy drudging sections before crushing you completely.

kinda like being stuck on a mountain top with a massively warped slayer tape being eaten by a walkman. and a lot of downers. and maybe a demon.

co-released with vendetta.

£10 + shipping.

you know what to do.

PSYCH001 Ensorcelor - Crucifuge LP (2011)

two brand new Ensorcelor tracks on 180g black vinyl. printed in spot gloss UV ink on 16pt stock jackets with full colour printed sleeve. centre engraving of ouroboros encircling spore print (side a) and a samara seedpod skeleton (side b).

sounds like if a swamp witch had snuck onto the set of peter jackson's lord of the rings, and was in the process of casting spells on each and every actor. but her mouth was filled with guitars instead of teeth. 

Co-released with MediaTree

sold out
eat it.