February 18, 2012

Bell Wtich Demo OUT NOW!

Bell Witch Demo

500 copies on black 150g vinyl, 300g sleeves, black inner sleeves and printed inserts.

"Like smoking blunts with Edgar Allan Poe."

I think that pretty much sums it up, but I'll also tell you that these guys are a two piece doom outfit from Seattle. The demo comprises four tracks; building slowly from haunting intro to equally crawling, doomed incantation. Riffs. God I can't believe I just said 'riffs'. But totally, man, the RIFFS. And the vocals, at times rising chant-like, moving from high keening cry to a shriek at a pace so glacial it's hard to even notice.

No, no it's not even so simple - slow, creeping, at times beautiful, funeral doom.

Ritualistic? yea sure, chances are you'll end up killed. or pregnant.

the point is: let it fucking haunt you. on vinyl. specifically.

€9 + shipping



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