February 13, 2012

Thantifaxath one sided 12"

The Thantifaxath one-sided 12" has finally arrived!

4 tracks of masterfully executed black metal pressed on to 160 gram 12" clear red vinyl.
Although Thantifaxath have emerged only recently, they have quickly proven themselves as masters of their craft, honing and distilling the sounds of life-pain into these four perfect tracks, their recorded debut proving without a doubt that they stand a cloaked head above most black metal being made today, on any continent.

Thantifaxath will satisfy ones cravings for orthodox sounds while simultaneously forging ahead into new territory, one that is wholly their own; the riffing is twisted and dissonant, but still engaging and listenable, and although the presence of their influences is felt, and despite this being the bands first release, they have managed to define and perfect their unique sound beyond a doubt. Most importantly, this record is interesting and real. Beyond the sheer aural grimness they project is total catharsis and exhilaration, the bitter fruits of anger and despair.

-released by media tree-


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